How long would it take to order?

Normally it will take up from 10+ days to paint a brand new motorcycle fairing kit in quality.
You could expect to receive your new fairing kit within 3-4 weeks.

What shipping method are available?

EMS And China Post Air Parcel if the weight of products you order beyond 2kg, and Epacket or China Post Air mail will be used to send some little things which below 2kg. if you have other suggestion please feel free to contact us.

How long does delivery take?

It will take you about 7-25 days when we send it out by EMS, and 15-35 days when it was shipped by China Post Air Parcel. which shipping method we use is depend on where you come from.

Why don't send the fairing kit by DHL Fedex and other faster methods?

Let us explain why we only use EMS air freight shipment, because it’s the moderate & economic way to ship such a big carton oversea. Let’s do the math, the carton’s volume weight is 90*60*50/5000=54KG, while the real weight is just around 12KG more or less. DHL/UPS/FEDEX would charge you based on the bigger “weight”… While EMS just charge us based on the real weight.

Will I have to pay duty on my fairing kit when it arrives?

According our records, USA is no need to pay tax, and Canada, Australia sometime will not cost you extra tax or fee, but you also need to make sure that by yourself.

As for other countries, we don’t have enough records to tell you something about import tax or fee, so you may have to pay the import tax or fee when your fairing package arrives. Actually it all depend on the rule of your country.
Most of the country are setting the charge-tax-line on how much value your package is.

In our experience, we only declare USD$100 for each fairing kit; somehow it could help you to reduce duty cost.

For detail rate, please do check with your local customs.

How could I reduce local taxes?

You may try the way that we’ve been doing:
Split the total payment into several times
Likewise you need to pay total payment of $600.
step 1: To make the first payment $200;
step 2: To make the second payment $400;
step 3: An invoice made in $200 will be shipped with your package;
step 4: Show your payment $200 paypal receipt or other evidence to customs when package arrived your country mainland.

It sounds a little bit crazy, but this is the best way to save your budget.

Will my fairing arrive well?

We use professional package to ship your fairing, with the protection of foam and sponge material.
It’s been shipping our products all over the world, so we in person have seen what happens to our boxes when they go overseas; thus we can wrap them in some extra bubblefoil just to be sure.
We already take care of all the details. Just trust us we will be the best packer
You can check our packing as below: all pieces with foam + stronger carton packed

ABS Injection Mold Motorcycle Fairing

aftermarket Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic fairings, with good toughness and durability. Pure virgin ABS plastic is the material of choice as it displays good elasticity and heat tolerance properties.

What’s the difference between injection mold and compression mold fairings?
While we on the topic, you have to realize there are only two ways to manufacture a aftermarket motorcycle fairing kit.

Injection molds

Injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold, it’s then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment.
Exactly the same injection molds production method as the OEM.
So you won’t be having any fitment problem.
You could have a review of our equipment as following:

Compression molds

Compression mold is when a BIG plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold.
All the bolt-on fix-tab-spot are manually placed by the experience motorcycle fairing master.
It only plays a good role of creating old model fairing.
So you need to have modification and adjusted the position before you put the bolt on, like drilling and cutting when necessary.

Is it possible to send me the picture of complete fairing set?

Yes, it is. It’s our duty to take every fairing pieces in detail pictures for you. These pictures will be sent to your email before its shipment.

Is it possible to make my customized fairing?

Yes, it is! You can customize your design and desired paint scheme, as long as you provide us with high quality pictures and instructions for our reference. We have experienced in-house artists and designers to make your paint scheme dreams come true.

Can i add custom stickers?

Yes, you can. Just tell us where you want to add it or replace.

Will the Fairing colours match my old ones?

We can not guarantee you a 100% match on the colour of your old Fairings because every manufacturer used different blend of materials. But usually they are extremely close. And the least close they will be is 95%. We highly recommend that you buy a full kit from us so that each and every part matches and fits perfectly and there are not differences in the panel colours.

Do you send me the paint color code used to paint my fairing kit?

The answer is no, as we use our own paint formulas and not paint color codes.

Why we can't finish payment directly on your website?

Sorry for trouble you have taken, and website is not safety enough to put our Paypal account on it, and so we have to send you Paypal invoice for payment by manual.