Yes my fairing has arrived and now been fitted to the bike, i did it my self so taken me some time.
I will send you some pictures but first alittle write up on the product from my expirience.

The fairing was well packed only one scratch on the white stripe (Left side fairing).
All parts included exept the tinted windscreen that was supposed to be a free gift.

Short product write up.

Fitting the fairing was easy, all holes lined up perfect no modification needed to the fairing.
However i did a change to my front fairing bracket to get a better fit on the upper part of the holes for the headlight.
I have seen other chinese fairings for ducati 1098 and they all have a to big gap between top of the headlight and the fairing.
My suggestment for improvement on this fitting is to shorten the distance for the brass stud that conect the top fairing above the headlight with 5mm.
This will make the fairing fit much better around the headlight upper part, and this is also confirmed by the mirrors since the holes for them line up perfect after this adjustment.

The quality of the paintjob looks better then i expected exept for the scratch in the white field of the left side fairing.
Whats sad though is the paint pattern of the white stripe on the fairing it doesnt even come close to the orginal Ducati one.
On the orginal Ducati Corse the white stripe starts out wide in the front of the side fairing and then gets thinner as it reach the top fairing, also it curves alittle, this is to make it line uo with the white stripe that continue on the tank.
(See my photo and a reference pict added of the orginal Ducati Corse.)

I had plans for painting my tank and my rear carbon seat in this corse pattern but now thats impossible to match without repaint it all.
And that i feel is really sad since im happy with the quality otherwise of the paintjob, also paintjobs are very expensive here so really dont want to
repaint the fairing.

For the isolation of the bottom part of the fairing i have put in extra, dont know if it was needed but i had some at home so i thought it might be good.
Especially on the right rear wing of the bellyfairing that has a wery narrow sitting to the exhaust.

Also i havent used the rear seat or side tank side panels since i used my carbon parts but for what i can see they look good.

So result will be.

1.Fitting of fairing 9/10
2.Quality of paintjob 8/10
3.Colour match of the red 9/10
4.Shipping and tracking 10/10

Send you one pict of the bike now and a reference to see the bad stripe pattern.
If you want more picts please let me know.

Regards Peter,